Next big project: Sew Room Remodel

Since we are in a new house and my old sewing room is about 40 miles away with the perfect lighting and the just right storage, I need to refinish a room in the basement for my new sew room. This is one of those times I wish I could snap my fingers and have my sew room just perfect, because I currently have no space to set up my sewing machine. Ack!! (Yes, I am experiencing serious withdrawal. Everywhere I turn I think “I need to sew something for that” and then realize it’s not going to happen until I can set up my sewing machine. All flat surfaces are currently used as staging areas from filing to homeschooling, etc. Literally, no space for a sewing machine!!!!)

However, as I go through this adventure of setting up my sewing room, I will bring you right a long with me. Starting with lighting, then flooring, and storage and layout. I am very picky about my lighting – more so the older I get and my eyes begin to experience that agey-thing – which is why a whole post will be dedicated to lighting!

This is my starting point. Pictures taken from opposite corners of the room. The room is 11′ 5″ x 23′ 1″.

Whew! I have my work cut out for me!

Happy Quilting!!


Project: Finish the quilt! (My latest project.)

Since I finally got all the fabric in my stash refolded, I decided that I needed to actually finish a quilt that I have been working on for the last year+. (Some progress is better than no progress!!! 😉) It’s a lap sized quilt and a pattern I got from one of the batik beauty books (only I didn’t use batiks – LOL). I’m not planning any fancy quilting for it. I’ll stitch-in-the-ditch until the basting pins can be removed and see where I want to go from there. The quilt needs more than just a basic stitch-in-the-ditch. When quilting, you want to make sure that nothing greater than a 2″x2″ section is unquilted. This helps with longevity of the quilt and a good-rule-of-thumb for utility quilts or quilts that are gifts (i.e., you don’t know how the receiver will use the quilt.)

Here is a picture of the quilt in the middle of being basted. (No, not basted like a turkey – it’s close to Thanksgiving and I know turkey basting crossed someone’s mind while reading this post.)

I had to fly out to my parents’ last minute to help my dad. (Family emergency.) So, my quilt gets to wait another couple of weeks. It waited a year to get quilted, it can wait another 2 weeks for the quilting to be finished. 😉


Wedding Pillow

As with most major events in the lives of friends and family, I whipped out my sketchbook and sewing machine. (I can write this post now because I know for a fact they’ve opened their gifts.) I used their wedding invitation for color and design selections and turned it into a pillow that I hope they will enjoy for a lifetime!

I used a very simple quilt block, known as a four patch (the 4 center squares in the pillow). The squares were selected from fabric in my stash that matched the colors for the invitation. The center motif and inner border was created using satin, which required a special trip to the fabric store. (Any excuse to go to the fabric store is an excellent excuse!) If you’ve never worked with satin before, I don’t recommend starting! It’s a very slippery material and doesn’t like to be pinned or ironed too much. I had to remember to lower my heat setting, since I’m used to cotton – mostly because I love cotton fabrics.

I framed the whole pillow in the green and blue fabric from my stash. Yes, I could have made a solid border but that would have been horribly boring! Added pocket back for easy removal of the cover and inserted a fabulous 16″x16″ pillow form.