Quilters wear many hats…

We are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, doctors and lawyers, and all quilters. Yes, we are quite an eclectic bunch bound together by one passion: quilting.

I am a believer, wife to one wonderful husband, mother to one handsome boy, gardener, a runner, a baker, an artist, and a quilter. I said good-bye to my engineering position to become a stay-at-home mom and to homeschool my son. I do often get asked if I regret quitting my job, but nothing can replace seeing your son walk for the first time or talk for the first time. I was there to see all of his firsts – and I’m glad for it because he will never be this young again.

I became a quilter long before I became a mother and I’ve been sewing longer still. I don’t quite remember when I started sewing. I do remember sewing my first couple of dresses at about 5-6 yrs. I didn’t pick up quilting until well after college and well after I said “I do” to my wonderful husband. I admit I fell in love with quilting — it is truly a complex and wondrous art form.

I often refer to quilting as an addiction that comes with an obsession with fabric. I sew and “pet” my fabric. Something about the smell of freshly ironed fabric (not burnt fabric!) makes me feel at home. Of course, since I realized my addiction (you know, step 1 admit you have a problem), I have always wanted to open my own little boutique — which is how Needle’s Eye Designs Etsy shop started. (I often like to refer to the shop as NED – my term of endearment.) Then I decided that it wasn’t enough to sell the products of my passion but I had to talk about it, as well, which brings us full circle to this site.

I hope you enjoy the topics I discuss here and the products offered in NED. Everything written and created comes from the heart.