What is it that you love?

I was out doing the usual perimeter walk with my LGD and was thinking how much I loved spending that time with her. Her goats follow along on our walks. I have a tendency to pause and take a deep breath of the fresh country air and allow my heart fill with gratitude for this life.  Yes, it is hard work. Yes, there are challenges beyond imagination. Do we have everything we want? No. Do we have everything we need? By the grace of God, yes.  So, I could spend my time worrying about it I will be ready when my goats give birth for the first time. What do I do if those swirling clouds become a  tornado. If we will ever figure out why our water pressure sometimes goes down to a trickle. What if… Well, you get my drift. There’s a lot to worry about. But, there is so much more to love about my life for which I am grateful. And God has my worries. So, what is it you do that makes you pause and just be grateful? Do you pause to be grateful? If you don’t then I challenge you to take a moment and think about all the things in your life that just make you happy.


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