Footprints in the sand..

It’s gets windy out on the farm. I am not talking about cool evening breezes, or the gentle rustle of the wind through the trees. It’s the small trees bend over to the ground type of wind – typically classified as gale force winds (but I am in a bit of denial so we will just forget I used that term.)

The interesting thing with the wind that I never realized before I live on the farm was how cleansing it is. In the city the wind is messy. Leaves fly everywhere. The wind snatches trash and disperses it through out the city. I remember having to hunt down our trash can after the wind decided to take it out for an adventure.

But here on the farm, the wind is cleansing. You see, our land is sandy – very sandy. After a big wind, you can walk out and see clean sand untouched by the critters scurrying about. You can even see some very small sand drifts. Then, occasionally, you will stumble on some foot prints. Once I stumbled on the footprints of a mouse scurrying to get away from a barn cat. From the looks of it – the cat got its dinner that night.

Today, I stumbled across these foot prints:

The footprints were not unusual by themselves – but their location was very interesting. They were going to both entrances to my chicken coop. My chickens free range during the day when I am home. And every night I lock up my coop and chicken run. However, something was curious – and I don’t think it was the cats (of which I have 10). The cats know all about the chicken coop and chicken run and could care less about them. I wonder if our local neighborhood fox made a nightly attempt at my chickens?

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