Happy New Year!

We said good bye to 2021 and pray that 2022 is a whole lot less crazy. Colorado ended 2021 with a bang – not a good one as many lost their homes in the Marshall fire. We were blessed with a much needed snowfall that helped get the fire under control. We watched the fire from our homestead out on the plains – 1 hr away.

Glow from the fires

Having had my own home burn down when I was a child, I know all too well how these families feel. Things and homes can be replaced. What is difficult to replace are the memorabilia – the trinkets from travels, or the photos from great family events: the moment you said “I do”, the picture of you and your friend in front of the Eiffel tower, the first steps of your child, etc – unless you have embraced modern technology and trust large companies with your data (which I do not). If you would like to donate to Coloradoans impacted by the fires, the Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC) has established a fund where 100% goes directly to the families: https://chec.org/donate/disaster-relief-fund/.

I take time off from sewing for my Etsy shop to sew custom items for my family. Custom tailored shirts with embroidered scripture verses on the back is quite popular among my family. My husband has a hard time finding shirts to fit his height. Often times the shirt fits his height, but not his girth – since he is very tall and skinny. So, hubby loves his custom tailored shirts. This year I made him a jacket as well as a shirt and he has been loving them along with getting comments from many people.

We, finally, cut down to one kidding season per year on the farm. Our new buck is very sweet and lovable – even though he smells just like all bucks – very stinky and has a bath awaiting him when it turns warm. We love him and are excited about the new babies in the spring!! I am, also, looking forward to get back into cheese making!

Homeschooling is always rocky after the holidays. The excitement of Christmas presents, days without school, and starting a new year continues on until the regular schedule begins again. Now, if only I can keep my sanity with all the extra-curriculars my son loves doing: Karate, wrestling, coding, STEM! Oh my!

Welcome 2022! Here’s to everyone on this 2022! I pray your year is very blessed and sanity for all the homeschool moms out there!

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