2022 Kids are Here!

The 2022 kidding season has come to a close on our small, little homestead and we are happy to announce the birth of 5 new babies! Baby goats are so much fun to watch run around and to hear their cute little baa-ing.

So, without much ado – meet our sweet little babies born recently born on the homestead:

Jumpster – This year’s bottle baby buckling
Missy – Born to our sweet little Izzy. Gorgeous gold, black and white coloring and beautiful little baby blue eyes
Spotness – Born to our Izzy-girl. Has moonspots and gorgeous blue eyes
Knox – Born to our Isher. Cream and white buckling with lovely blue eyes
Boots – Just look at those black boots and blue eyes!

These are out 2022 goat kids from kidding season this year and we love them!


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