So Exciting!!! I Saw a UFO!!!

Oh Wow! I Saw a UFO!! I woke up this morning and looked out my front window and low and behold there was a UFO!!! Just hovering right there. It was very white…and fluffy – not a UFO.

Wait a minute… Nope it was just a Lenticular cloud. I have never seen a lenticular cloud before. I know their formations typically occur in or near mountainous regions. So, of course I have to live by my motto: curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. I looked up how lenticular clouds are formed and here’s what I discovered.

Lenticular clouds are formed by a unique combination of atmospheric conditions and the topography (aha! mountains!) of the area. Here’s a simplified explanation of the process:

Lenticular clouds typically form when moist, stable air flows over a mountain or a series of mountains. As the air encounters the mountain or an obstacle, it is forced to rise. The air mass then cools as it ascends, and if it reaches the saturation point, clouds can form. When the wind encounters the mountain, it produces a series of atmospheric waves downstream. These waves have crests and troughs, similar to ocean waves. As the air rises and descends in the wave pattern, it creates alternating areas of compression and expansion. When the air reaches its dew point in the regions of compression, water vapor condenses into cloud droplets, forming the lenticular clouds. Lenticular clouds are often lens-shaped due to their formation in areas where the atmosphere is relatively stable. The clouds may stay stationary or move very slowly with the wind, often remaining aligned with the mountain range.

Lenticular clouds are formed by the interaction of moist, stable air flowing over mountains (or some other obstacle), creating wave-like patterns and regions of condensation and are often pretty cool to behold – though maybe I would have preferred to be a bit more awake for it. So, yea, oh wow, I saw a UFO and then woke up realized it was a super cool looking cloud.

P.S. The mountains were extra pretty, and visible on this day.

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