Sewing Room Remodel

Hey everyone!

The sewing room is finally to a usable state!! I am creating curtains for our new abode in my new room. Though some of my tools are still in a box somewhere. (Moving seems to be never ending – especially, the unpacking!)

Along with sewing, the new space doubles as a classroom for homeschooling. I threw in my treadmill, because why not? Running while surrounded by fabric – yes, please! My home office is set up in the same room as well. (Yes, the room is huge!)

We still need to finish the ceiling and install the trim. All that can be done while the room is being used. The ceiling is just ceiling tile and the trim is cut and painted outside in the garage, and then nailed into place.

I installed some temporary shelves for all my fabric in the spacious closet. There’s room for tons more shelving.

This new space is amazing! Lighting, with which I can see. Floors that are easy to maintain! If thread trimmings fall to the floor (which it inevitably does), I just sweep. Although, I need a cover for my window well. I came down yesterday and was greeted by 6 frogs. 

I love homestead life – lots of work but so much to enjoy (including the little ribbiters staring at me as I sew)!

Happy sewing everyone! My next topic will be design walls, because I love mine and I need to share!


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