Moving the “Rocking” Shed so that it Rocks No More

We get a lot of wind here in Colorado. No gentle breezes. Winds strong enough to pull whole shelters out of the ground. (Yep – had that happen.)

Wind erosion here is a pretty big deal. Typically, places get rain and you can seed and establishing a root system from plants will help to minimize erosion. Well, we don’t get rain here…reliably. We just had an extremely wet spring followed by 6 months of no measurable moisture. Colorado, also, has some strict water use guidelines because we don’t get a lot of moisture.

Over time wind erosion caused one of our shelters to begin to rock. It was interesting going in and out of the shelter. I worried that a baby goat would go under and get stuck or worse so it needed fixed.

To prevent erosion we created cement pillars 4 ft into the ground and then laid a cement pad. Once we had the cement pad in, then we to remove some fencing. It was time to move the shed.

We got big logs and the tractor, and slowly inch by inch moved the shed Ancient Egyptian style.

We are getting some wind erosion around the cement pad but the pad itself will not erode anytime soon to cause this shed to begin rocking anymore. Now it’s time for some wind erosion prevention.

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